One of its kind #BrunchUp at #Pune

Here I am, writing about the first foodie meet up I attended in my life, feeling proud that I was the one who organised it!! Everyone has been asking me but one question, how this all started, and what was the motivation behind it.

My Inspiration & How It All Started :
In the process of writing my MBA Entrance exams one after the other, and waiting for my joining date I had lost my zeal and enthusiasm for food and life. My life had become dull and I had become a lazy lethargic person sulking around the whole day! I had planned my visit to Pune after 10th Nov, to get some rest from all that was going on at home, and in my life. Many of my friends kept asking me if there was a foodie-meet up being organised (after almost every foodie tweet I used to do!) in Pune, but I myself didnt know anything. 

I guess, we all were waiting for someone to do it for us, while we were too busy trying to figure out our lives. We all wanted a common platform, where we could meet like-minded people and bond with them over common love for food, and this was much needed, especially in a city like Pune, where the restaurant culture has been growing so fast.

It started with a plan to meet-up at any restaurant and just chill out together. We knew each other through twitter, and had interacted numerous time, but never had a chance to really connect to each other on a personal level.

In the process of finding a good restaurant, where we could meet-up and also enjoy good food at amazing prices, I started connecting to a lot of amazing restaurants, and guess what, many of them showed great interest in holding up a meet-up at their restaurant. It all started become more and more exciting with each passing day. We had finalised the date of 17th November for the meet-up (being a Sunday), but it was very difficult to finalise a restaurant, which would cater to all our needs.

Came to the rescue, a very dear friend Bhakti Sharma (@bhakti_lyfstylr). She became the guiding force behind it. While I got busy with my new job, she would keep me updated with the happenings and would keep pressing on finalising the proper details for the event soon.

While in talks with many other restaurants, I came in contact with the marketing team for Courtyard Marriott Pune City Center. They showed great interest in holding a one of its kind foodie, food bloggers and twitter influencers meet-up (now named as #BrunchUp). They welcomed us with love, and offered to host this event at Momo Cafe at the Courtyard Marriott Pune City Center, Bund Garden Road. Needless to say, we all were more than delighted !!

The details were finalised, the invites were sent off, and a watsapp group was formed (necessary nowadays for proper interaction ). We all were very excited, and the excitement just increased day by day. Finally the day came, and it all went away very smoothly.

#My Experience :
Will be sharing my review for the Momo Cafe, Courtyard Marriott, Pune in my next post!! Let me first tell you a little about the meet-up. There were 15 of us, all from different backgrounds, from different areas of work, but we all connected so well over two things, Pune and Food. It was an amazing experience in itself!! Meeting such highly motivated individuals and getting inspired from them , was the best part of the meet!!

#Activities :
With all foodies gathering together (at the Momo Cafe, CY Marriott, Bund Garden Road ) we had some fun games (special thanks to for sponsoring the prizes) .We all chatted over our personal fav food items, our fav restaurants, fav clubs of Pune and had a great time interacting n knowing each other !!

#Who All Were Present :
Youth Icons like @Sahilk (owns , a restaurant named Yolkshire and recently launched @dishoomit)

@MrShri (who owns a website especially catering to men's needs named as with more than a million hits) and who is a very special friend...

Food Bloggers  (except for me) :
@bhakti_lfstylr who owns her own website and writes all about lifestyle on her beautiful website

Priyanka or @recipefollows who writes a blog named as

@teshomewarming who you can find at, a beautiful blog!

@tipsydipsy My smart woman of the month who writes at !!

All of them are manage it all...their home, their jobs, their kids and family, and are awesome with what they do....

@satinderp an entrepreneur, twitter influencer and a hardcore foodie

@antiquityblue twitter influencer, a foodie and the naughty boy of the foodie gang!!

@farzanaaliasgar A cute couple (bonding more over food) , sharing their opinions on food and life over their  beautiful blog

@rishaboswal Young, talented handsome hunk bonding with us over his love for food, who also happens to be the owner of

@rohan.lilani A smart young guy, has worked with Zomato and now you could find him at his fav hangout place @hiddenplace2

@i_m_ron and @dextrous_akash My two good friends...born entrepreneurs...and amazing people

Met the smart, beautiful young lady @talkaholic !!

My Special Thanks to : 

@wastedfellow a highly motivated individual , with an unbeatable and uncomparable passion for food, photography and @TheHighSpirits...Formerly known by all as bitch_bhaiya...;)

He was the one who introduced me to food blogging, restaurant reviewing and @twitter ...He has been a constant support,a wonderful guide and a strict yet supporting mentor to me!! I am glad I met him!! Special Thanks to you for everything you have done for me!!

#Future Plans
We intend to hold such meet-ups every month. If anyone of you has a profile suitable for the meet, and is interested in attending the future events, you can contact @genes_recoded or you can mail me at with a brief profile of yours, and we will contact you soon!

#Final Verdict

#Follow Them :
Twitter Handle : @CY_MarriottPune
Facebook Page :


I always look for new recipes to try out at homes, and this is one of the most amazing ones!

Have guests at home? Dont want to make the old and boring coffee or tea? Wanna impres your guests with you cooking skills? Try out making a Mojito (non-alcoholic)...easy to make, simple yet tasty and looks more elegant and classy than any other drink you can offer.

Ingredients (for a glass) :
1 lemon
1 spoon sugar
a pinch of salt
Few mint leaves
Sprite or soda

How to make :
1) Spread a little lemo juice on the top of the glass, and apply sugar on it, to give a beautiful look to the glass.
2) Put a little sugar in the glass, and a pinch of salt alongwith it.
3) Add lemon juice in the glass.
4) Crush a few mint leaves, and put them in the glass.
5) Add sprite or soda.
6) Cut a lemon into a quarter, an put it on the glass, to give it a proper mocktail look!

Voila! Your drink is ready! Serve it to your guests and I can assure you, they're going t love it!!

Best part is, it is non-alcoholic, and a refreshing drink. Suits all, and loved by all.

Hope you enjoy it, and your guests like it too!! Do share your feedback! :)

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